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Versatility of Flexx-Rap

Flexx-Rap’s innovative design allows for numerous uses. The appealing safety and protection features paired with the many benefits makes Flexx-Rap an ideal resource in many capacities. Highlighted uses include:


Many anglers use Flexx-Rap for fishing applications to protect fingers and joints against monofilament cuts and spectra line cuts and friction burns, while also improving grip on equipment and tools when needed. The roll easily fits in your pocket or fly vest.


Nail Technicians

Flexx-Rap is used by nail technicians to protect their own fingers, cuticles and nails against file burns, cuts and blisters while working on their clients’ manicures. Also great for putting on to protect nails from polish during a touch-up.

Hair Technicians

Flexx-Rap is used by hair technicians to protect their fingers and hands against cuts and blisters when working with scissors.


Rod I.D.
Flexx-Rap helps identify your rod on long-range fishing trips when 17 other rods are on the boat.


Reel Traction
Flexx-Rap improves their grip on fishing reel handles for anglers.


Flexx-Rap enhances pitchers, catchers and hitters protection from blisters and builds traction.


Hockey-Stick Traction
Flexx-Rap is perfect for hockey players when marking their hockey stick, and also increases the traction between their hands and the stick.


Mountain Biking
Flexx-Rap helps mountain bikers avoid blisters, and increases traction on the handlebars through rough terrain.


Flexx-Rap is ideal for use in any kind of off-road motorcycle use, motocross, dessert racing, enduros or recreational riding. Flexx-Rap can be wrapped in many different ways to protect fingers and hands against hand/finger fatigue and sensitive areas.


Weight Lifting
Flexx-Rap can help protect weight lifter’s hands from calluses and blisters when lifting heavy weights and gives more friction.


Flexx-Rap reduces friction on tennis players’ hands from their racquets when playing. Because it is a waterproof material, sweat from playing doesn’t affect the performance of the product.


Flexx-Rap helps prevent golfers from getting blisters from constantly swinging the club during long games.


Flexx-Rap is perfectly designed to protect your skin from injury; even in wet conditions while working with ceramic tile, marble, brick, stone and other types of masonry and concrete.


Flexx-Rap is used to protect hands while working with the many tools and pipes during any plumbing job. The waterproof benefit helps out greatly in this line of work.


Flexx-Rap is flexible and durable enough to provide protection from splintering materials like wood and other materials used in cabinetry and framing.


Warehouse Jobs
Flexx-Rap is tough enough to protect your skin from abrasion while loading and unloading boxes.


Industrial Assembly
Flexx-Rap is used to protect specific areas of hands, knuckles and fingers from injury. This product is widely used in any kind of repetitious assembly such as part changing. Flexx-Rap prevents fine cuts, blisters, and other annoying injuries that interfere with performance of the job.

Home & Garden

Flexx-Rap protects against blisters and cuts while raking, shoveling or hoeing the garden or yard. And Flexx-Rap is waterproof – an added bonus!


Household Projects
Flexx-Rap protects your fingers and hands while doing weekend projects. When it seems as if the hammering, handling stone/brick work, wood and other laboring tasks seem endless, Flexx-Rap can help keep your fingers and hands free of blisters and cuts.

Flexx-Rapp is also great for those crafty projects that you can do at home. It can help prevent burns from hot glue guns, protect your fingers when ironing or build traction when crocheting or knitting.


Flexx-Rap can help keep your fingers safe while completing your household chores – anything from scrubbing the tile to cleaning the oven.

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